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Parrot Rehoming Advice

Parrot Rehoming Advice
Parrot Rehoming Advice

Parrot Rehoming Advice!


Please read this page if you are thinking about rehoming your Parrot!

Published on 17 April 2018

Try seeking advice, to see if it's possible to keep your bird with you.

There's plenty of education, training and counseling. We suggest that you seek any help that might be available.

There are some very good DVD’s and books for in-home training as well.

Please use the following links:

Then after you've tryed everything, and think the rehomeing of your Parrot is the best option for your bird.

Then you should do the following:

First you should try asking around your family and close friends, someone local that you know well,  and can trust this way you will  know exactly where they are, and can visit to check how the bird is doing. 

If all the above fails and you need to use a Rehoming service, then please follow the advice given below. 

NYPR believe it to be in the best interest of the birds to be Rehomed by a local Parrot Rescue Service. 

Being Rehomed in a smaller local area, the birds should receive more frequent home visits from the rescue service, for the life of the Parrot.

Important too, they will always be close at hand to offer much needed ongoing help and support to the new foster family.

Please support your local Parrot Rescue Services.   

To locate a local rescue, by area, please click here... 

If you need rehoming help and advice, having problems with your parrot, please read all the information provided on our websites.