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Parrot behaviourist

Greg Glendell

Greg Glendell

Greg Glendell's Consultancy

As a companion parrot beaviourist Greg Glendell offers Parrot Advice | Behaviour | Behavior Expert Consultant haviourist, I offer help with behavioural problems in pet parrots such as self-plucking, screaming, nervousness and aggression / biting etc.

I use methods based on behaviour analysis to ensure behavioural work with the birds is as bird-friendly as possible. The welfare of the birds is of vital importance.

I have kept many parrots since the 1980s but I do not breed, buy or sell any birds. I offer unbiased advice on caring for your parrot; how to overcome any problems and maintain a good relationship with your bird. I emphasise the need for good basic training to maintain the trust between you and your bird.

I also encourage safe indoor flying for your bird and can explain how you can teach your bird to fly to and from you and other places on request, so there is no need for wing-clipping. My books offer step-by-step guidance on teaching your bird some basic requests or 'commands'.

I offer advice by:

• Explaining the causes of behavioural problems and suggesting solutions.

• Offering advice on essential training for your bird, including safe flying; no need for wing clipping!

• Giving personal, detailed advice by email or phone consultations to solve problems.

• Offering my books on companion parrot care direct to you.

• Home visits if you live in South-west England or South-east Wales.

• Talks and training courses for veterinary staff, pet parrot owners and animal welfare organisations.

• Advice to print and broadcast media on parrot related topics.

Breaking bad habits and behaviour related problems in Parrots

I have written several books on parrot care. 'Breaking Bad Habits in Parrots' published by Interpet, is illustrated throughout with colour photos and includes step-by-step guidance on taming, training and solving behavioural problems.

This book has more detailed information than my other books, regardless of which type of bird (Amazon, grey, cockatoo, macaw, cockatiel etc.) you have.

Go to books page for details about Greg's books.

Go to Greg's website: Click here.

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