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NYPR Parrot Rehabilitation
NYPR Parrot Rehabilitation

NYPR believes in the philosophy that most behavior problems in parrots are human-created. When parrots are relinquished to us with behavior problems, often those problems disappear when handled by someone who doesn't reinforce those bad behaviors.

Many of the birds that come into rescue have behavioral issues that are typically either the result of uncorrected habits or owner mishandling. NYPR works to rehabilitate birds with behavioral issues that come to our rescue.

Our goal in making these birds good companions in people's homes is to work to eliminate those behavioral problems that could prevent them from finding permanent placement.

We offer support and training to our foster homes and to potential adopters as to how to deal with individual behavior problems and try to answer questions and offer support to the general bird-owning public to facilitate birds staying in their original homes as opposed to entering our rescue. You can read more about this here..

We help birds that have suffered from poor diet, an unstimulated environment, inadequate caging, perching and toys or any situation that could contribute to behavior issues.

Here are the ways you can obtain help with the behavior issue with your bird:

1) Contact us with your questions. No charge for this service.

3) Ask NYPR for other groups you can join, classes you can take and literature you can read to help find behavioural problem solutions.

3) See our pages for classes and seminars that may be of interest to you or contact us for more information.

4) Read our pages on Parrot behaviour, Parrot training, Feather plucking, Biting problems, and Screaming...