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Bird Hygiene

Parrot bird hygiene

Parrot bird hygiene

North Yorkshire Parrot Rescue

With the risk of cross infection being so high in birds, we take health and hygiene very seriously and recommend you do the following!  

Clean the birds cages once a week and use newspaper to line the bottom of cages and this should be changed every 2-3 days.

All occupied parrot cages should be wiped down and fully cleaned and disinfected, including all perches, food bowls and toys on a monthly basis using F10 solution. Completely decontaminated using an F10 aerosol fogger.

To help reduce feather dust and keep good air quality, you should use an air purifier within the room at all times.


F10 products available: 

F10 Hand Gel  F10 Spray F10 Fogger  F10 Wipes

F10 is a veterinary recommended cleaning agent. It is extremely effective against avian diseases such as Avian Flu, Borna Virus, PBFD and Psittacosis, and destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. It is non toxic, biodegradable and does not corrode metals or irritate eyes or abraded skin.  

It can be used for disinfecting floors, cages, perches and toys, food preparation areas. It can decontaminate hands and be used as a fog to eradicate airborne microbes such as fungal spores and viruses or when an ill bird sheds infected material.

Health Warning - Your own health is important too - Prolonged Exposure to bird dust could lead to you getting Bird Fanciers Lung. Please read about it here...