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Parrot Boarding Services Scarborough North Yorkshire

Pet Assist Animal Care Scarborough
Pet Assist Animal Care Scarborough

Pet Assist Animal Care Scarborough! 

Pet Assist Animal Care is a family business ran by Jane & Shaun. 

We have life long experience having kept a vast array of Animals hroughout our lives. From cats, dogs, mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chin chillers, rabbits, fish, lizards, parrots and other small birds, horses, race horses, sheep, chickens and goats.

Jane is also a fully qualified counsellor and is now trained in Animal Assisted Therapy. Jane and Shaun are now trained in Pet First Aid

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Pet birds Boarded so far with Pet Assist Animal Care! 

This is our gallery of some of the Parrots and other birds, including wild bird species and domestic pigeons.